Irrigation Supplies British Columbia

Andrew Sheret Limited offers Irrigation Supplies in British Columbia such as Irrigation Systems, Water Features, LED Landscape Lighting and Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads for both contractors and homeowners looking for summer irrigation solutions.

We are a proud B.C. owned and operated company having served multiple generations of mechanical contractors, plumbers and tradesmen during our 125 year legacy.

We operate 25 locations across the province of British Columbia and focus on product expertise to bring you knowledgeable and efficient service.

We have just expanded our inventory of irrigation products for the summer season so whether you’re a contractor, landscaper or homeowner, you’ll enjoy our wide selection.

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Based on customer feedback and the competitive irrigation supplies industry, we have adapted our product offerings and are determined to be your one-stop-shop and are stocking more inventory throughout our 25 locations across BC.

From our initial focus on plumbing fixtures to our expansion into drip and micro-irrigation as an efficient and water-saving method, we continue to evolve by stocking the most popular products that help make your job a success.

We stock all of the major irrigation manufacturers including Rain Bird Irrigation, Irritrol, and Antelco.

Our full list of suppliers include:

Rain Bird, Irritrol, Nilex, Pro Eco Products, Watts, Halsey Taylor, Elkay, MP Rotator, Buckner, DeWitt, Unique Lighting, Antelco, K Rain, Agrifim, NDS, Dura, and Corona.

Your need to have a one-stop shop with knowledgeable and helpful staff has encouraged us to broaden our product selection. You can now find micro-irrigation, general tools, drainage materials, plumbing supplies, sump pumps, fountain supplies, LED landscape lighting, electrical supplies, hot water heaters, HVAC, waterworks and trades tools under one roof.

Our relationship with quality and professional manufacturers enables us to remain an influential leader in our industry.


We have a wholesale online product catalog that can be accessed by signing up as an account customer and registering for the online portal.

This portal gives you real-time stock information for all the branches in your region and even allow you to place a quote and order product online.

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For the homeowners looking to build their own irrigation system, landscape lighting or even water features for their yard – we also have you covered!

Our knowledgeable staff are irrigation experts and can guide you through your irrigation shopping including what to consider, how to build your custom system, and products you need.

We stock landscaping tools, micro-irrigation products for targeting watering for flower beds, shrubs and potted plants, pumps and filters for water features and ponds, lawn irrigation systems and LED landscape lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a Rain Bird sprinkler or the materials to upgrade your entire yard, Andrew Sheret Limited is your go-to solution.

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